«Did sea define the land or land the sea?
Each drew new meaning from the waves’ collision.
Sea broke on land to full identity.

Seamus Heaney. Lovers on Aran

The ‘estran’ refers to the area on the coast between the highest and lowest tides.
A space of unstable ground, a living space between two timeframes.
I keep my gaze on tiny fragments of the territory.
Like a patient fisherman, standing for hours on the shore, the body melts into the surroundings, the eye casts out in search of signs, of indications, of striking elements while still following the water’s flow.
Moving forward without knowing what we are going to find, without any aim besides wandering.
The eyes guide the steps.
From time to time raising the head to see where we are,  to mark a spot, but it’s not so important, the space is open.
In this quest of the look, the route is determined by the nature of the place: its terrain, its puddles, its tracks left by the tide.