Foam is that by which any agitation of the liquid mass and more particularly that of the sea is revealed.
This foaming is more abundant when the agitation of the water is produced by regular rotation and not simply by surf.
What is foam ?
It is what swells, expands, becomes lighter, rises and finally separates from the water set in motion.
We are therefore considering the same process as that described of the clay placed in the potter’s hands. The plastic phenomenon of the swelling of the earth on the wheel, the process of « sublimation » it develops, froth is the equivalent of these for water and its formation is a sign of the beginning of the active phase.
What therefore is foam?
If water is by essence that which runs, moves and flows, water », it is like a sort of quintessence of water …

Jean Canteins , Divine churners

I dedicate these images to the memory of Per Pondaven, lost at sea on 1 January 2008.

skumenn is a Breton word meaning foam.

These photographs of foam were taken in France (Brittany), in Iceland and in Reunion Island.