on the path Alberto de Agostini

Father Alberto Maria Agostini (1883-1960) is a singular explorer. A mountaineer from Piemont (Italia), he went on a mission to Tierra del Fuego to attack the peaks and glaciers and meet the last Indians of the Strait of Magellan.

Andes patagonicos viajes de exploracion a la cordillera patagonica austral is a volume of 437 pages, abundantly illustrated. It appeared in 1941 and will be the subject of multiple editions in various languages. This makes it an essential bibliographic reference on Patagonia. The equally rare 1945 edition is made up of numerous photographic photographic plates in blue monochrome and black and white. The book is beautifully manufactured with a rare quality of folding for panoramas that sometimes reaches more than a meter.

It’s in the folds of the volume that I went to make these images.