lines of force 2019-2022

« Il y a beaucoup de force dans une montagne seule, beaucoup de pensée dans sa pierre. » J.M.G. Le Clezio in L’inconnu de la terre

Geological folds, breaks, faults, torrents, ridge lines form the writing of the mountain. These drawings are notes of land where the scales, the ground and the horizon merge.

To walk is to draw one’s path, to cover tracks, to kick in stones.

I like to work on the grid and the stain as a primitive form of drawing. In these engravings, the material resists cutting tools for use (metal objects, road stone).

What interests me are the primitive, instantaneous, spontaneous, decisive, incisive non-figurative drawings, like the traces of scratches and notches found on the pebbles of the Mas d’Azil but in a universal way almost everywhere in the world of prehistory, like carved objects abandoned in deserts and caves.

These engravings are also maps, fragments of territory, juxtapositions of views, sketches from which the mountain emerges in broad strokes